This sports is an alternative to water skiing. Using a combination of techniques from water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. Wake boarding involves moving over the surface of the water whilst being towed by a speedboat. We offer wake boarding at Gunbaru Water Sports.


Paddle yourself around the tranquil water of Ukulhas Island in one of our kayaks. No fancy technology, just your own power!! We have triple or double kayaks for Family kayaking.

Water Skiing

Water skiing. More like ice skiing but on water and more fun. It involves moving over the surface of the water whilst being towed by a speedboat. Both you feet will be on two separate ski and you will be towed by the speed boat.

Fun Tube

For a bit of fun in the sea why not jump aboard our Fun Tube and feel the power of speed and the water below as the speed boat pulls your across the sea. This is more fun when it is annoyed with more than one people.

Catamaran Sail

Catamaran sailing is a very tranquil and refreshing sport enjoyed by many visitors, especially when combined with the natural beauty of the Maldives.

Gunbaru Water Sports have one Catamaran of TopCat model. You can go sailing with one of our instructors or rent a catamaran on your own if you already have the experience.

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